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DIMH ensures the availability of various information systems for the efficient management of the educational process, such as:

Unified State E-Database on Education

UEDEBE is a state owned system designed for the purpose of accumulating, storing and protecting data with regard to institutions providing educational services in Ukraine as well as providing access to relevant information in the educational field. For instance, it is possible through UEDEBE to identify institutions and organizations constituting legal entities and offering educational services in Ukraine. Moreover, since UEDEBE is the state registry of individual students and graduates of educational institutions, it is possible through UEDEBE to verify, whether a specific formal educational qualification was awarded to a specific person. 

Google Suite for Education helps educators save time by easily arranging Classroom, Google Meet, and tasks by assigning exercises, creating courses, organizing workflow, streamline workloads by posting and planning coursework and building to-do lists in Classroom, follow academic integrity with quick scans to mark quotation issues and originality of the assignments.

A wide range of information technologies is applied at MAC while arranging the educational process, including distance learning methods.  Distance learning is rapidly becoming an integral part of MAC’s educational system.

MAC pays special attention to the e-learning platforms that help to provide professional development to many students and educators who are geographically dispersed, especially during pandemic.  As part of the digitalization approach, the creative team of MAC has been working on the e-learning platform for students and Health Care Workers (HCWs), as an integral part of the educational process and concept of the study throughout life.  It offers:

  • Access to the right information, whenever and wherever HCW/student needs it, which can be accessed quickly online via computer or mobile responsive website;
  • Availability and continuity of education if the presence is impossible;
  • The opportunity to HCWs/student of interaction with other learners and access expertise from all around the world;
  • Cost-effective clinical decision support for HCWs/students.


All students of the Institute have free and unlimited access to the online learning platform PreExam, which has been developed by the collaborative team of educators, students and administration of MAC.  This is a unique digital service implemented at MAC to provide quality distance learning for students, direct their preparation for the licensing exam KROK, it includes more than 200,000 test tasks (available in two languages: Ukrainian and English).  PreExam platform consists of training and control modules and allows to create a virtual educational environment, by creating test questions in certain EC with explanation of the correct answer.  It allows direct interaction of educators and students.  Benefits:

  • Easy access, smooth scheduling for the educational services including individual approach – students can study in their own mode;
  • Flexibility to study in any convenient location with an Internet connection through an individual device.

It allows students:

  • to train and undergo practice test (so-called “Pre-KROK”) in online mode which makes it possible to estimate future results on Unified State Qualification Examination and to get a feeling of how the real KROK test is performed;
  • to form an Individual Learning Path for students.  In this way, the risks of disruption of the learning process in the absence of student and educator access to the classroom will be minimized.

“Professional English for Healthcare Workers” on Canvas

“Canvas” online platform is used for distance learning purposes, in particular for the course “Professional English for Healthcare Workers”.  This course is developed under funding of the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Embassy, Kyiv.  The training course is aimed to improve professional English skills for various groups, creating and delivering a curriculum suitable for MAC students and professional use including clinical residents, doctors, nurses, dentists, emergency medical staff, physical therapists, and other HCWs.

DIMH official web-resources

All necessary and useful information for students and educators always one click away, posted on DIMH official web-resources:

  1. – Study Program “Medicine”;
  2. – Academic calendars;  
  3. – Education Policy and Management of the Medical Academic Consortium.  It includes information on exam requirements for people with special educational needs and conditions of accessibility of training for people with special educational needs; 
  4. – Syllabuses for all ECs included in the SP are published on the DIMH Educational Portal. 

Also there is a current timetable of classes, a schedule of exams and a digital library, containing electronic textbooks, manuals, methodical materials, presentations of lectures, monographs, scientific articles, educational video materials etc.  All above-mentioned materials are available for students via corporate Google G-Suite accounts on domain. 

Institute Administration carries out meetings for group leaders every two weeks. There are convenient channels for communication in messengers (Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp) established to inform students about the study process updates.

There is a corporate system of informing students and faculty members by sending information on @ domain. In addition, students receive instructions and tutorials in video format. All video-instructions are posted on Institute’s You-Tube Channel.

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