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Join KMU Polish Branch Campus!

Dear KMU community – with the support of the European Union, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the international academic family and Polish authorities, we are organizing an educational process in offline format in Poland from October 1st, 2022.  The KMU team never surrenders, like all Ukrainians, and turned these threats we are all facing into new opportunities for all of us.

So, the timeline is the following:
1. Starting from the August 1st, you will have online lectures (for students of II-nd – VI-th years of study);
2. Starting from August 15th we will start issuing invitations to Poland for you;
3. Starting from October 1st offline classes in KMU Polish Branch Campus.

Prior to your online lectures and offline classes all KMU students have access to Polish healthcare facilities, so even when you have lectures in August you can attend clinics, which are also available in September. 

You are all familiar that entering the EU is not an easy process.  In order to do so it is necessary to fulfill all the requirements of the Polish Embassy.  The key ones are the following: first, you need to have a bonafide letter from the dean’s office stating that you are transferred to the next year of study.  Please, pay all your financial debts, who haven’t done it yet prior to August 15th.  Another visa requirement is payment for the fall semester that has to be also confirmed in the bonafide letter.  All detailed visa information you will receive shortly. 

Nevertheless you will stay in Europe and gain European-level education. We keep pricing way lower than other EU Universities and WILL NOT CHANGE IT FOR YOU AT ALL.  Even though one year of study in medical schools of Poland in English cost approximately 12 thousands euros.

IMPORTANT! Conditions for 1st year applicants and transfer students of other Universities are different and will be sent to you after completion of the form.

Our main vision is to form doctors of the new generation. To do so we use all possible instruments and resources in order for you to become leaders of change and have a successful future.

Looking forward to seeing you soon in KMU Polish Branch Campus.

Please fill in this form to complete Pre-registration for the KMU Polish Branch Campus!

After filling in the form you will be sent an info-brochure with all necessary information.
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