MAC | Дніпровський інститут медицини та громадського здоров'я


Medical Academic Consortium (MAC) is an entity operating on a contractual basis between Kyiv Medical University, Kharkiv Institute of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and Dnipro Institute of Medicine and Public Health. 

The main principles of the consortium are:

  • joint educational and research programs;
  • common standards for educational services;
  • general monitoring of educational quality;
  • curriculums and syllabuses of disciplines developed by expert groups of specialists from three educational institutions;
  • academic mobility of students, doctoral students and faculty members;
  • preparation and publication of joint curriculums and scientific publications;
  • establishing mutually beneficial cooperation with the authorities, business, other stakeholders;
  • development, promotion and implementation of joint national and international projects;
  • organization of joint conferences, symposia, seminars, scientific forums etc.
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