Infrastructure | Дніпровський інститут медицини та громадського здоров'я


Private establishment of higher education “Dnipro institute of medicine and public health” has information resources, equipped with training laboratories, sport halls, which confirm the ability of the educational institution to carry out educational activities in the field of Medicine.

In order to provide educational process and qualitative training of doctors, study rooms and laboratories equipped with a sufficient number of devices, apparatus, materials, phantoms and mannequins. Laboratories and teaching rooms of the Departments of the Institute 42 computers are used.


The equipment of profile studies, which provide training in the relevant disciplines of the curriculum, namely:

  • the study of histology, cytology and embryology,
  • the anatomy room,
  • the study of biology,
  • the study of biological physics, educational laboratory of chemistry, have their equipment in accordance with the standards.


In the Institute for conducting physical education, sports sections, competitions and sports sections and health groups there are two sports halls equipped for classes and sports competitions in a basketball, a volleyball, a mini-football, tennis, etc. In the hall, there are basketball shields, football gates, volleyball nets, grid for tennis, basketball, football, volleyball balls. In smaller hall, there are tables for table tennis, simulators, treadmills, bicycle ergometers, platform; Rehabilitation and Health.

Thera-Band with accessories, fitness equipment; Fitness Center; universal Walls, table for Arm sport, a rod, dumbbells, disks for a rod, balls for the development of a brush, alls for massage, stuffed.


The institute has a small library room with access to the Internet for independent work of students. In the hall, students can be acquainted with their bibliography, periodicals, catalogs and to study scientific literature.


The institute has in its possession and disposal the necessary social infrastructure, namely a dining room for students. In the design of the hall, dining rooms use decorative elements that create a unity of styles. It uses standard furniture of light constructions which correspond to the interior of the room, tables have hygienic coverings. Used faience tableware or glass from pressed glass. Guest rooms have a lobby and dressing rooms for the comfort of visitors.


The institute also has a hostel of corridor type in its use: kitchens, toilets, and washrooms on the floor. Kitchens are equipped with gas cookers. The rooms are for four people. The room has two bunk beds, cabinets, tables, chairs. Students have a spacious reading room. A grocery store is located next to the hostel. There is a 24-hour security in the hostel, a check-in system is in place, and video surveillance around the perimeter of the hostel is installed. The hostel provides residents with a bedroom inverter (a pillow, a blanket, a set of linen). Students also have washing machines and high-speed unlimited internet access.

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