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The students and lecturers of higher educational establishments have had to search for  new forms and methods of teaching and certification due to restrictive measures in Ukraine and the sudden transition to distance learning.The challenge was worthily accepted by all participants in the educational process of the Medical Academic Consortium (hereinafter – IAC), who managed to quickly adapt to the new conditions, as evidenced by the successful organization of continuous provision of educational services.
Distance education is a new challenge for the medical education system in Ukraine. It requires new knowledge and skills, quick response, selection of effective online tools for conducting classes, both from teachers and students. What exactly does the concept of “educational and scientific tools” in the adaptation of education in a pandemic.
These are some transformations of sustainable concepts, such as educational tools for critical thinking, digital services, and so on. As well as components that allow you to not lose yourself as a person in the educational distance (emotional stability, educational environment without apathy and unnecessary things). This is an opportunity to quickly initialize yourself in a virtual educational environment, the opportunity not to burn out professionally, not to lose the motivational component, to acquire skills in digital tools (platforms, applications, software disciplines).

In a pandemic, the mentioned factors above changes the classical principles of organization of the educational process to a conceptually new educational strategy. This strategy involves the use of new learning tools, such as virtual simulators, which are able to model as close as possible to reality those or other processes that are the subject of study and contribute to the achievement of software learning outcomes.

The educational and methodical center has organized educational process remotely from the beginning COVID-19 pandemic,the important principles of which were the need to conduct classes according to schedule, as well as involving students in the course only using a reliable authorization system in a closed corporate system, the staff of the Institute had to ensure the implementation of the curriculum of all educational programs and to conduct final certification. This led to the search for the implementation of this serious task in the field of innovation.

Therefore, the University’s response to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic was the latest development of a special program “PrExam”, which combines the qualities of an online tool (online tool) and a platform for distance learning (platform for distance learning).

The PrExam program is able to provide the logic of studying disciplines in the process of training a specialist in the field of knowledge “Public Health”, the continuity of the educational process and provide each student and intern easy access to learning, taking into account the individual level of training, and teachers to form individual educational trajectory. Thus, the risks of  the educational process disruption in the absence of students and teachers access to classrooms are minimized.

The implementation of the PrExam online program developed by the Institute has become a powerful innovation for preparation for licensing exams, as this program is a unique digital service with a base of more than 200,000 test tasks. Users can create their own profile through convenient registration on the official website of the Institute and prepare for the Unified State Qualification Examination (EDKI) in Ukrainian and English.

The uniqueness of the PrExam platform is that the user has the opportunity not only to train online, but also to pass the so-called “testing” online and predict your outcome. The unique module of statistics allows the student to see his progress not only in the disciplines included in the list of Krok, but also during all years of study. The peculiarity is that the user has the opportunity to get advice from teachers on complex issues, form their own groups of tests for more detailed work, work on errors and, most importantly, not just memorize the correct answer, but get clear explanations and strengthen their knowledge.

Another important advantage of the PrExam platform is that the administration can automatically detect the risk group – students who need more effort to prepare for exams, and each department has its own profile to fully automate test control, which is carried out during classes or exams. In addition, the PrExam platform allows its users to have uninterrupted access from anywhere in the world, including during vacations or pandemics, when access to classrooms is limited. Today, the PrExam platform is used by more than 3,000 students from 60 countries.
You can read more about the development on the website of Kyiv Medical University

Changing methods and transferring them to a remote form is a challenge to everyone, from educators to artists in the virtual world. Medical areas of training, the methodology of which is face-to-face training, is now experiencing new means of implementing the educational process. In this regard, Kyiv Medical University focuses its activities on the acquisition and provision of digital competencies, maintaining quality indicators, improving practical skills and professional qualities, to transform the challenges of today into the achievement of the institution.

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