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International day of Traumatologist!

Every year on the 20th of May the traumatologists from the whole world celebrate their professional holiday. Traumatology is the branch of medicine which studies the influence of harmful factors, consequences of traumas, health techniques to the human organism. Traumatology is the surgery of injuries, the ancestress of all surgical specialities, the history of what counts a lot ot centuries. Since the birth of civilization and till nowadays the humanity suffers from injuries and mutilations. The imminence of traumas and injuries in all the times all the nationalities determines to the development of traumatology. According to the data of WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, 2 billions people die because of musculoskeletal injuries every year, and approximately 30 billions people get traumas of different severity. Annual losses from traumatism reach near 4% of world profit contribution. By the prognosis of WHO till 2020s, if there won’t be taken drastic measures, the mortality of the traumas will be on the 3rf place after cardiovascular and oncologic diseases. Modern traumatologic science develops rapidly. Now it’s a traumatologic wide range of methods, which allows to save the patient and returns him back to usual life quickly. Gypsum and bistoury with increasing frequency give way to new techniques- minimally invasive, endoscopic, microsurgical. Biologically inert implantation apear, computer technologies use in diagnostics and treatment. A lot of depends from specialists. Traumatologists every day get in touch with infinitely many injuries of their patients sometimes very difficult and severe cases happen, but for ever they need to count on their experience and competence. Willingness of the traumatologists to help, saves the lives and health during different injuries. In this holiday, the Institute wholeheartedly greets our respectful colleagues the President of three PEHE “KMU”(Kyiv) and the Head of the supervisory board of the PEHE “DIMH” traumatologist Dr. Olexander Pokanevich and the pro-rector of clinical work, Doctor of Medicine, traumatologist Dr. Oleg Loskutov! Colleagues, wish you strong health, success, professional satisfaction from your favourite work, family happiness and more smiles, because when you smile to somebody, somebody smiles to you in response!

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