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Doing What Matters in Times of Stress

Ukrainians have been in a state of constant stress during the last months. In such a difficult time, it is extremely important to resist fear, panic, and anxiety. Life goes on, learning goes on too. Perhaps the most important thing during the war is a stable psychological state, without it life and learning during crisis conditions cannot be successful.

The World Health Organization has developed a brochure called Doing What Matters in Times of Stress: An Illustrated Guide translated into many languages. This is a stress management guide to help you to cope with the challenges. The guide aims to aware people of practical skills to help them cope with stress. Only a few minutes each day is enough to practice self-help techniques. The manual can be used alone or together with the accompanying audio exercises. Stress should not stand in the way of your studies and life.

You can download the brochure following the link

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