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Іnvite to the Physiognomy training

We are pleased to invite to the Physiognomy training on the 24th of June at 11 a.m.
Physiognomy is a technique that studies facial features due to physiological structure, in order to determine the psychotype of personality, human character and behavior.
The Couch, Specialist in physiognomy, operational psychodiagnostics, behavior analysis, expert in communications Iryna Tumanova will teach you how to find a common language with any opponent, predict behavior and achieve maximum results and you will be able to sell the consumer his dream.
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The Content of Physiognomy training:· Substantiation of the diagnostic method “physiognomy”
· Methodical principles of personality analysis by facial features
· Characteristics: logical / intuitive thinking
· Behavioral patterns
· Recommendations for interaction with a person of a certain thinking type
· Volitional qualities
· Signs: height / width of jaws
· Characteristics of active action strategies: straightforwardness, aggressive pressure, original solutions, flexibility, thoroughness
· Behavioral patterns
· Recommendations for interaction with people with different strategies of active actions
· Ambition, legibility, multiplication, preservation, propensity to complain
· Hidden intentions and features of enthusiasm
· Resource management
· Components of developed communication
· Analytical abilities
· Secrecy and infantilism
· Strategic forecasting
· View and plan
· Nuances of perception
· Temperament
· Neuroticism and snobbery
· Reflex and reflection
· Values and beliefs

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