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Dnipro institute of medicine and public health (DIMH), located in Dnipro, Ukraine, is the part of 1st RANKED Academic Consortium of medical universities in Ukraine according to the most valued ranking system The headquarter office – Kyiv Medical University (KMU) is the oldest private medical university in the Post- Soviet countries and has trained approximately 7,000 students from all fields. Every year, over a thousand graduate and post-graduate students make their future with the University and are placed in top healthcare facilities all over the world. Alongside with international accreditations, it has a highest level of accreditation from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, and has been licensed to train international students.

The Institute has employed well-qualified professionals in their respective fields who strive hard to train and bring the best out of students. It delivers the following courses to the students who come from different destinations: DOCTOR OF MEDICINE (MD) PROGRAMME, course for six years and a one-year preparatory course in Ukrainian language for international students. Top features of Dnipro institute of medicine and public health are - low cost of education as compared to other universities in Europe, and a strong foundation of research and development. Courses are taught also in the English language, and the degrees issued are recognized all over the world.

Discover Dnipro City

Dnipro is the fourth most populous in Ukraine after Kyiv, Kharkiv and Odessa. The Dnipro is considered the "space capital" of Ukraine.

There are 23 higher educational institutions in Dnipro, including state and private universities, academies and specialized institutes. About 102 900 students permanently study in Dnipro and about 7083 out of them are foreign students. Dnipro is saturated with places and events that will never get you bored!

According to the latest national ratings – Dnipro is one of the most convenient and safest city in Ukraine.
worldwide recognition in DIMH

- Acquisition of state diploma, which is recognised by the European standards;

- Receiving adequate training in medical programme into which is incorporated, modern and innovative methods of medical approach;

- Acquisition of knowledge communicated in both English and Ukrainian Languages;

- The opportunity to receive enough knowledge and preparedness for international examinations like USMLE Steps 1 and 2 and others;

- The possibility to participate in scientific research and practical activities;

- Acquisition of practical skills in leading healthcare institutions in Kyiv;

- An opportunity to meet and learn from prominent figures of science and medicine.

healthcare workers trainning system in DIMH

Undoubtedly, there is a high demand for Medical Doctors, both in Ukraine and other parts of the world, owing to the high demand for medical attention across the globe. Consequently, DIMH aims at training and deploying the best and most qualified doctors to meet this cause by maintaining public health, as well as efficiently treating human diseases.

The duration of Doctor of Medicine degree is 6 years of study, properly divided into the preclinical and clinical years, during which students are eligible to get their medical practice experience from countries like Germany, Poland, Turkey and Israel. Students who finish from DIMH are awarded the diploma that is equivalent to MBBS, MD, and PHYSICIAN DEGREE.

It has been recommended by the Ministry of Ukraine, Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Education in Ukraine, that students who show interest in Dnipro institute of medicine and public health apply directly. Here are the reasons why:

- A student receives direct response from the University's support team, and guided all through the process of registration;

- The time of registration is reduced considerably, owing to the fact that the student is being guided by a well-trained support team member.

- The cost of registration is reduced in every way, ranging from the cost of registration, down to the cost of transportation expended in an attempt to work alone or with an outside person.

- By applying directly, a student gets proper guide and support while applying for visa.

- Your payments are official and direct. No need to give anyone extra money to do anything for you.


After the residency programme, a resident doctor may then indicate a specialty in which he has received prior training and is able to efficiently perform the professional work in the specialty.

Admission Requirements

International Students are admitted twice per year on the Fall Semester and Spring Semester:

1. Fall Semester – July, 1st till December, 15th
2. Spring Semester – January, 15th till March, 1st


*Shipping of the letter is not included.

Applying Procedure

Step 1. To Apply for an Invitation Letter

An applicant should submit the scan copies of the following documents to the KMU International Faculty by filling out our application form:

    • First page of the Passport;
    • School Certificate with Academic Records of all subjects;
    • Consent to personal data collection and processing [download];
    • Application for the name of Rector [download];
  • National Eligibility Entrance Test – NEET quality certificate (applicable for Indian nationals only).

After throughout examination of applicant’s documents the University makes the decision whether or not to give an Invitation Letter.

Step 2. To Apply for Visa

When an applicant receives an Invitation Letter from the University, he/she should apply for visa type “D”.

After receiving the visa in diplomatic or consular establishment of Ukraine in the country of applicant’s residence, it is time to go to Kyiv.

Step 3. To Apply for a Faculty

On arrival an applicant must submit the following documents to the University:

  • School Certificate with Academic Records of all subjects (in the original and a copy);
  • Medical Certificate issued by the Department of Health in the applicant’s country at least two months prior to the applicant’s arrival to Ukraine;
  • Invitation Letter (in the original);
  • Passport (in the original and a copy of the front page and the page with Ukrainian visa issued by Ukrainian Embassy);
  • 12 photos, size 3,5 x 4,5, matte.

Documents mentioned in items 1, 2, 3 should be translated into Ukrainian and legalized by the Ukrainian Embassy in the country. The documents are to be legalized in a way legally provided in the applicant’s country of otherwise they are stipulated by international laws.

After arrival an applicant should visit the International Faculty of the University in person, bring a set of application documents and undergo the registration procedure. The staff study the set of application documents. An applicant completes application forms for the name of the Rector and a draft of the contract on educational service between the student and the University. An applicant is informed about the date when he\she takes two writing tests – in language (English or Ukrainian) and Chemistry. When the applicant undergoes the whole process successfully, the University issues the Order of admission which means that the applicant is enrolled for the program and becomes a student of the University.

- A student's proficiency is tested through a beginner's test in English and Chemistry. This is for students who are to start 1st year.


The Tuition fee for General Medicine (taught in English) is 3500 USD /year. 

NOW special OFFER for those who will send documents in October, 2020 – Tuition Fee per academic year – ONLY 2500 USD!


All new academic sessions start on September the 1st, and run till the ending week of June, depending on academic schedule. First semesters run from September till the first week of January. Second semesters run from February the 1st till the ending of June.


There is a 3-week winter (Christmas/New year) break between the first week of January and the beginning of the second semester, and a second summer break that runs from the beginning of July to the end of August.


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